Model 8800

Series One

1 Man Installation Extremely Compact and Quiet DC Motor and

Operates doors up to 170 SQ Ft in area / Weight up to 775 lbs.

Commercial Jackshaft Operator for Vertical Lift, High Lift, Standard Lift and Low Head Room Garage Doors

Standard Features

Motor and controller

Easy 1 man mounting over a 1” solid jackshaft or hollow torsion tube, eliminates steel cost for hanging and
associated costs like welding, specialty fasteners.

Powerful continuous duty, 650 Newton, low voltage DC motor.

Dependable 115V Controller with NEMA 4 single button or three button cover. 

Automatic Obstruction Sensing and instant stop and reverse without safety edge and associated coil cord.
Controller senses obstruction on any part of the door, not limited to edge contact.

Built in timer to close programming.

Built in service due reminder.

Built in delay close programming.

Built in interlock for Pass-Door

Built in cycle counter

Built in part open programming

Floor level over-ride lever allowing instant manual operation.

Safe operation without constant pressure close. Constant pressure close, available with the flip of a switch.

Pre-wired to accept most photo cells, loop detectors, microwave sensors, treadles, and other accessories.

Built in light control for dock lights turning light on when door is raised and off when door closes or 4 minute
timed control for accessory light. 3.5amp Draw. 6 amp draw with dock light.

No thermal overloading.

Easy service. No limits, limit traveler cams, clutches, or contactors to replace.

Minimal Parts to Stock reducing inventory

Eliminates need for 230V or 460V 3 phase power, further reducing electrical construction costs.

Safe operation for use of a slide lock for those situations not requiring the use of radio controls.

Avoids thrown cables.

Versatile application. Operates Vertical lift, High lift, Standard lift, and Low Headroom to include rear mount
torsion. Can also be center mounted.

Detects unsafe door operation automatically.
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